Writing Commons

Writing Commons seeks to be a home for writers–an interactive writing space that helps students better understand writing processes, genre, research methods

With help from our distinguished editorial board and review editors, we hope to develop a new genre of the writing textbook, a resource not written by a single author but by a crowd of people–an interactive, co-authored, and peer-produced resource that can be easily edited and that is readily accessible on the phone, PDA, or netbook of the generation of learners: students learn by doing, especially via media-rich environments.

Back in 2003, I wrote what constitutes the core of  Writing Commons, publishing the work as College Writing Online with Longman/Pearson.  In 2004 the book received  the 2004 Distinguished Book Award from Computers and Composition: an International Journal.  In 2009, after obtaining copyright from Pearson, I published the resource at http://collegewriting.org.  Then, in 2010 I moved the site to http://writingcommons.org, established an Editorial Board and Review Editors, and opened the project to peer review.



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